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Libertium Group Ltd. is a South African multinational branded venture capital conglomerate. Its core business areas are Investment, Entertainment, Education and Lifestyle, and it also manages ventures in financial services, media, clothing and Talent Management; together, Libertium's businesses consist of more than 9 subsidiaries and plans to build these companies worldwide. The Libertium Group is a multi-division company that aims to create platforms and build communities through exciting innovations. The Libertium Group is devoted to planting good seeds in a growing industry such as the Arts, Education, Technology and Investment. Libertium amongst other things will offer Training and Development, Entertainment branding solutions, Talent management & Cultural events with the aim of building connections between the brands we work with.

Libertium Group's business and trading activities date back to 2012.

Libertium Divisions


“Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day; teach him how to fish you feed him a life time” Education is something very dear to us and a tool that can either make or break someone’s future - especially amongst our youth. We understand that talent without the hard work that goes into crafting that talent reaps no true rewards. Developing interaction between those who create art, those who facilitate it and the people who celebrate the arts – we aim to create experiences where we not only showcase talent but create platforms for those creative skills to be developed, with the help of those facilitators support.


These are Non Profit projects our way of sharing industry connections, knowledge and experience and as well as musical skills and technical insight with the SA, the Department of Arts & Culture and NYDA –gaining exposure for the South Africa as well as ensuring that the next generation of the performing arts get the help they need to truly shine! In turn young people will benefit from the endorsement of investors.


Libertium Events Management is a component which focuses on events, Media and promotions activations; Offering its clients a non-stop, integrated solution with a high level of customer excellence. The company aspires to inform, promote and market both South African and International Brands and Products locally. The Objectives of the company is to establish long-term relationships with brand owners, companies and or associates who wish to reach their targeted market through promotional campaigns.

We propose to serve companies with brands that wish to invigorate sales and renew their consumer’s interest in their brands, while aiming to bring skills and talent that will enable companies to afford and have an advantage in the market place. The company has been involved in events & promoting products since 2012. It has introduced different products to the market and enhanced consumer awareness, increased sales and empowered young men & women who are interested in sales. We are a company that pride ourselves in contributing towards increasing job creation amongst our youth in the marketplace.


Libertium is a specialist talent management consulting practice. They support their clients in designing, building and implementing competitive talent management strategies, helping them to become more successful in their market place. We build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships. We support cost-effective talent solutions and leadership development in a manner that contributes to optimising the core business of our clients.


Developing interaction between those who create art brands such as LYNN LIFESTYLE, those who facilitate it and the people who celebrate the intimacy – we aim to create experiences of lifestyle living.

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